BLVD and I Am Academy are working together to bring food to your table!


Through the grace of a generous donor in West Michigan, the BLVD and I Am Academy are working to provide our community with bi-weekly food distribution at the BLVD Church. These FREE food distribution events are held in the parking lot at BLVD Church every other Friday. Due to the nature of the donation, there is no set time for these distribution events. Our donor and the volunteers who pick up the food to bring to the BLVD will aim to have the food there no later than 1 pm, however, trucks may arrive as early as 9:30 or 10:00 am. The best way to be informed on the exact timing of these events would be to follow the BLVD and I Am Academy on social media – Facebook and Instagram.

Every Free Food Friday will have different items available for you to choose! Past food donations have included assortments of meats, vegetables, fruits, canned goods, pantry goods, paper products, and other perishable items such as bread, eggs, and dairy. The BLVD and I Am Academy are not informed about what items will be available until the truck is unloaded upon delivery.


There are no income, social, or financial requirements for this food distribution from BLVD Church and I Am Academy. You will not be asked for any personal information that may preclude you from participating in this food distribution. You may be asked to take a numbered ticket per your place in line. When you arrive at the BLVD Church, please park and proceed to the back of the parking lot. You will be given a numbered ticket for your place in line. You must be present with your numbered ticket to participate in the food distribution. Please bring your own bags, wagons, or shopping carts. There may be limited cardboard boxes for use, but this is not guaranteed.