To assist the worship director with audio, visual, and lighting duties for the Boulevard Church.


This person will produce the best possible atmosphere for worship through sound reinforcement. This includes, but is not limited to, creating the best music mix possible, creating an audio mix that meets the mood the pastor and worship leader want to convey, and supporting the audio needs of the people involved with the church service. Ultimately, the goal is to glorify God through providing excellent audio services.



  1. A clear testimony of faith in Jesus Christ and a vital, growing personal relationship with Him. 
  2. A commitment to the mission, vision, and worship philosophy of The BLVD Church.
  3. A heart for worshiping God.
  4. Able to work in a team setting and take directions.
  5. Experience in mixing audio successfully in a live environment or are willing to attend training and work alongside a mentor.
  6. Have good communication skills.
  7. Ability to think quickly and react/trouble-shoot properly in high stress situations.
  8. Willing to attend training sessions and read/watch other training material for improving existing skills.




  • Pre Service/Rehearsals
    • Setup stage for musicians.
    • Perform proper line check. 
    • Perform proper sound check: includes gain settings, monitor mixes, proper volume settings, and the eq/mixing process.
    • Check with worship director for any service changes.
    • Make sure audio and TVs are all set in each area of the church (nursing mothers room, family room, gathering space).
    • Check that the live stream is up and audio for live stream is set.
  • During Service
    • Responsible for adjusting sound levels during service as needed.
    • Responsible for following worship leader’s direction and musician’s direction during services. For example, boosting monitor levels.
    • Responsible for recording the service.
    • Responsible for providing a distraction-free service as it relates to audio, visual, and lighting production. 
  • Post Service
    • Play post-service music.
    • Talk with the band to find out if there were any issues for them during the service that we can fix for next time.
    • Note any broken/faulty equipment and take it out of service if possible.
    • Clear stage of equipment as needed.
    • Turn off lights and sound in all areas of the church as well as turn off TVs and projectors.

Other responsibilities:

  • Attend staff meetings and other staff/leadership events as required.
  • Assist with other duties and responsibilities as needed/assigned.

This position is part-time (7 hrs/wk) and resports to the Worship Director of the Boulevard Church.

Apply by sending your resume (click here)