To ensure that the BLVD facility is kept clean in order to host guests for events, services, and various church activities where people gather to discover God’s love with their neighbors.  


Responsible for the cleaning and appearance of the BLVD church facility by following a reliable weekly rhythm. Each task prepares the facility to be used as a place where people can discover God’s love. 

  1. A clear testimony of faith in Jesus Christ and a vital and growing personal relationship with Him
  2. A commitment to the mission, vision, and philosophy of the BLVD Church
  3. Excellence in self-motivation, organization, follow-through, and attention to detail
  4. Familiarity with general cleaning techniques and the ability to follow safety requirements
  5. Ability to follow directions and communicate with staff
  6. A regular participant in the BLVD faith community

Maintain regular weekly and monthly rhythms to complete these tasks: 

  1. Tidy and vacuum the sanctuary, gathering space, kids ministry area, lobbies, family room, collaboration room, and other rooms by Monday evening so that the facility is ready to use for the week ahead
  2. Remove trash, straighten furniture, sweep, vacuum, mop, dust surfaces, and return misplaced items to where they belong as needed
  3. Wash and sanitize all bathrooms (including toilets, sinks, and mirrors) and restock disposables (including soap and paper towels)
  4. Regularly maintain the appearance and cleanliness of the outside of the building by washing glass doors and windows and other tasks as needed
  5. Communicate with the Facilities Coordinator about supplies that need to be restocked or anything in the building that needs to be fixed
  6. Remove all trash and recycling from hallways and bins and put in appropriate dumpstersBe sure that spaces are ready to use and cleaned up soon after the building is used by renters
  7. Keep a schedule and have an awareness for other non-regular cleaning tasks, and see to it that they are accomplished (i.e. cleaning fans in the bathroom, removing stains from couches, cleaning staff member offices, etc.) 
  8. Be respectful of guests and other staff members using the building while performing tasks
  9. Participate in and help organize biannual building and grounds clean-up events with Facilities Coordinator

This position is part-time (8 hrs/wk) and resports to the Associate Pastor of the Boulevard Church.

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