To ensure that the BLVD kitchen runs smoothly during Sunday breakfast and throughout the week so that it can be used to feed our neighbors and create space where people are building deep relationships within the church and community.

Responsible for keeping the kitchen running by overseeing volunteers, stocking supplies, and being the contact person for any problems that may arise.
  1. A clear testimony of faith in Jesus Christ and a vital and growing personal relationship with Him.
  2. A commitment to the mission, vision, and philosophy of the BLVD Church.
  3. Excellence in self-motivation, organization, follow-through, and attention to detail.
  4. Ability to follow directions and communicate with staff.
  5. A regular participant in the BLVD faith community.
  1. Maintain health department certification and ensure that the kitchen is adhering to health department guidelines. 
  2. Recruit volunteers, train them, and schedule them to work in the kitchen during the Sunday breakfast and at any events during the week. 
  3. Communicate with the kitchen volunteer team to ensure they have what they need. 
  4. Ensure the kitchen is fully stocked with all necessary supplies and food.
  5. Communicate with the facility manager to ensure the kitchen is kept clean and organized and report any repairs that need to be made. 
  6. Plan and execute any future events that require the use of the kitchen. 
  7. Prepare for future mid-week service launching in the fall of 2024
  8. Engage in community outreach so that the kitchen can be used as a bridge between the church and the community. 
  9. Assist with other responsibilities and duties as assigned.

This position is part-time (5-7 hrs/wk) and resports to the Lead Pastor of the Boulevard Church.

Apply by sending your resume (click here)